About Me

2015-09-18 10.12.06

My name is Kristopher Hiser, and I am a current a student at the University of Mary Washington. I am working toward a BA in History with a current cumulative GPA of 3.93, including both course work from Wichita State University, where I began my post-secondary education, and UMW, where I transferred in spring 2015.

The history programs at both universities have helped me develop valuable research, analytical, and writing skills. I was also in the print journalism program at WSU, where I focused on my ability to write and communicate clearly and effectively, often having to relate complex ideas in easily accessible language. That is a skill I have honed working as a tutor at both universities as well: tutoring introductory logic at WSU, and working as a writing consultant at UMW. My tutoring experiences have also allowed me to work with students at various proficiency and education levels to aid and inspire their ability to do well in their course work.

I am a non-traditional college student who did not go directly to college from high school. I spent time working in construction before coming back to school, most of that time was in various supervisorial positions. Although my construction experience does not relate directly to the fields I hope to enter after graduation, I did learn leadership, time management, and problem solving skills that are useful in every avenue of life. No matter life’s circumstances, I have always prided myself on a high level of dedication and commitment to every task that has been set in front of me.